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file0002009971456Five years ago I started blogging with students. At the time I didn’t know much about it, other than blogging seemed new and innovative, and since students liked to be online, I figured having them write online was a good idea. For student writers, it’s been better than good. Here’s the top reasons why:

1. When you know you have the potential for a world-wide audience, you pay much more attention to the correctness in your writing. Capital letters, periods, and even that pesky spelling all seem to matter more.

2. When you get to choose your own topics, you write with more confidence, more voice, more passion. This make it a pleasure to read your writing, instead of a dull, laborious chore like so often happens with writing at school.

3. When you take ownership of your own publications and pay particular attention to word choice, spacing, color design, etc., your blog has the potential to be noticed by someone other than me. (Three of my former students had blog posts published in a college-level textbook. They got paid, too.)

4. When you get serious about learning to write well, and you practice writing often, you begin to like it (if you don’t already). You have conflicts, emotions, thoughts, and feelings that deserve to have a voice. You give it when you listen to the inner muse whisper for you to get to a keyboard.

5. When you graduate and move on to college and beyond, if you’ve maintained a blog, you have a digital portfolio that will serve as a dossier of your interests, passions, and growth as a writer. This can be an important resource as you move into the work force.

Read Why You Should Blog to Get Your Next Job and leave a comment, which explains which reason you think is the most important and why.

  1. I agree with a lot of what the article said. Blogging can definitely help one maintain their skills when they may have been out of practice. Being connected and aware of current events is a very important aspect of finding a job. If one knows what is going on in the economy, they will be able to find a more prosperous job.

  2. One of the reasons that was the most important to me was the second one. It talked about how a blog as a resume can help you look better. For instance if your an accountant you can add a customers experience with your work, but to make sure it was reliable. It should help you as we’ll not hurt your resume.

  3. I think maybe because, it helps out and gives you a positive feed back on how a blog can help you be successful. By any chance if your manager decides to look at your background you could could have a blog that YOU are in total control of it.

  4. When applying for a job, you are usually one out of many applicants. In order to stand out, having a blog can help people see the things that are not be included on your resume. It can also help others overlook the negative things that you may on other websites, such as on Twitter

  5. I agree with the article in all ways. Blogging can help you in many way. Anywhere from expanding your writing abilities, to helping you when you try and get a job. Blogging can be beneficial all around, and will help you more than you know.

  6. It’s so weird how the industry has completely changed and more and more things begin to revolve around technology in more efficient and effective ways.

  7. I feel like having a blog can help out not only in our accademics, but also in our daily lives because it’s basically like a journal as well. So if I did something exciting today, I could simply blog about the event and I could go back to it another day.

  8. Making yourself stand out to your potential employer is the most important way that blogging can help you get a job. Employers can get bored when reading many applications, so if you have something that’s different, they’ll be more interested in you.

  9. The most important reason to blog would be that it shows your personality and your skills. Instead of the managers reading a piece of paper, they can read a bunch of stories that show your skills in depth. Not only will they see your skills, but they can also see your personality in the way you write your stories and what the stories are about. Blogging can give you a better chance of getting a job.

  10. I think having a blog for yourself is a smart thing to do. It can really help when you’re applying for a job because a blog of your own represents you. Of course they can just go to Facebook or Twitter and just find you there and look through your profile but what if there’s something there you don’t want them to see? A personal blog protects you from that.

  11. While reading the blog, the last reason stood out to me the most because I had never thought of this opportunity. Having a blog not only helps build one’s confidence and improve writing skills, but it helps in establishing a positive character online and is an extremely efficient reflection of one’s skills and personality.

  12. It’s highly important to be well connected in the working world and I believe a blog helps you do that. For one, it can show that you have built bridges with other employers and that you have a knowledgable background from your previous employment.

  13. i agreed on most of the article. I think this blog thing will help us alot.Having a blog helps you improve writing skills, but it helps in establishing a positive character online and is an extremely efficient reflection of one’s skills and personality.

  14. I agree with the article, blogging is not only good for yourself to help vent but also can help you get a job.

  15. I agree that being online makes you think of how you should say it or the right way to spell the words. I think have a blog would be really fun.

  16. I think that the article is right. Nowadays people don’t want to deal with the same things every day and would rather employ people who are more interesting and a blog would show your personality more than a resume.

  17. I believe it is really important to be connected to the Internet. It helps us learn a lot of things that we don’t know. Having a blog gives us the opportunity to express our feelings towards something that we want to talk about. We have to make sure about what we post because people are going to look at what we say.

  18. The most important reason is #5 because if managers think more of you , they’ll see more potential and want to work with someone enthusiastic , if they didn’t want to work their they wouldn’t have applied.

  19. I think that having a blog, and keeping it up to date is a good way to keep connected to people. Since you are sharing your thoughts to the world I think you should keep in mind that you have to write legible.

  20. I agree with the article. I believe that writing or blogging will help a person out. When you write your vocabulary will improve. Lots of bosses will look at how informed and educated you are. They look to see how much you know about the world.

  21. Having a blog can be very beneficial in many ways, but mainly in the way that it helps you express yourself just the way you feel. Its more fluent.

  22. I think that blogging would be good for us since we, as teenagers, do spend our time on social networking sites and updating our status/photos.
    It would be good to express our ideas on a blog.

  23. I think it is better to be on a blog because your blog will be able to all over the world and you will be more creative about your writing.

  24. I agree with the artical reading someones blog can be a good way to learn more about them. It can also help people who are looking for employees learn about the people that they may consider for the job.

  25. In my point of view, I think having a blog is very beneficial in many ways because this will help us to become better writers. This is a way to help with our writing so people can comment on our blogs to help improve us.

  26. I agree because your writing will improve and whenever your blogging you can express your emotions. Whenever your boss looks at your blog they’ll think good about you.

  27. I agree Blogs are very important and extremely helpful. Not only do you meet new people, but their ideas and feelings also.

  28. I agree with the article because it can help you in many ways. It can help others know what your personality is and how educated you are.

  29. Having a blog can be something to consider because you could be able to express yourself and the people that are hiring you will be able to read your blog and know the real you.

  30. The article is correct in that it will upgrade the resume of someone looking and fighting for a job as well as enhancing their reputation in the eyes of the employer. When it comes to blogging in my eyes seems old school, yet at the same time it is very helpful to keep growing as a writer.

  31. I agree with the first reason because it would show your employer that you have a good personality. It would also prove that you are a very good worker compared to the other people applying for the same job.

  32. While I was reading this blog, I was really amazed by what I found about blogging especially the last bullet point because I never knew about this great opportunity. Having a blog sets you apart from other people because not that many people know about blogging, and it lets the hiring manager know how smart you are.

  33. I agree with the article not only do we get better in our writing. We also get a good job that is not stressful. Also lots of people will read your blog and they will learn more from it. When you start bloging managers will start wanting you to work for them because not only do you know how to blog but you also communicate very well and your social with everyone.

  34. I think the most important thing about having a blog help out with getting a job would be how it shows personality. All employers look for different things, so having a blog already makes you different. Many send in resumes, you’ll be sending in a blog with all of your creative writing and posts. It not only shows your skills but who you are as a person and originality.

  35. I think being interesting to employers is most important in this article, because your blog shows what you’re capable of and who you are. Standing out when applying for a job is essential. They look for people who will help their bussiness not hurt it.

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